Information, inspiration and updates on the upcoming anthology “Dispatches from Afropolis”.

The anthology seeks to explore, answer and challenge the question “What is an Afropolitan?” Intended for publication in Fall 2014.

We invite individuals to submit previously unpublished works that critically engage the contours and depth of millennial African experiences and identities. We seek primarily English-language submissions that explore how African immigrant identities intersect with race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexuality, citizenship, language, religion etc. We welcome submissions from self-identified Africans from all parts of the continent (including North Africa), Africans living and/or working on the continent or abroad, first or second generation Africans born and/or raised abroad, and all of the above.

We seek essays, creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, plays, and artwork. We highly encourage candor, humor and openness in all submissions. All submissions are welcome as are any questions regarding the scope and content of the anthology. We firmly believe that all identities are at their core fluid, dynamic, ever-changing and we hope that potential contributors to this work will feel inspired and empowered to dig deep, reflect critically and write powerfully.

Contact us at dispatchesfromafropolis@gmail.com.



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