African Cosmopolitanism

Excerpted from  the blog article African Cosmopolitanism by Minna Salami from Ms. Afropolitan

It is not the naming itself but whether it can create dialogue

The process of naming the African zeitgeist can be useful for strategic dialogue. As Kwame Appiah writes in his book about cosmopolitanism with the eponymous title, “cosmopolitanism is not the name of the solution but of the challenge”. The same extends to Afropolitanism.

Afropolitanism, like its predecessor, pan-Africanism, has the rare position of being an idea by Africans about Africans. However, while Afropolitanism is yet to be fully fleshed out and critics have passionately, scathingly and, OK, justifiably, engaged with its tensions (although I would argue that the critics totally missed the point), pan-Africanism in its turn has failed, among other things, to evaluate its strong ties to socialism in an increasingly capitalist Africa and to criticise the conflation of its ideologies with intrastatal institutions as the AU.”




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